Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome to The Ochoa Family Blog

Hello. If you're reading this blog, it's probably because you are either friend, or family, or both. We have decided to begin a family blog so that we can keep in better touch with people who are dear to us, and maybe not so near to us.

We are An Archer, A Fair Queen (couldn't very well use "fair maiden" now could I?), and soon to be Two Knights. Right now, we only have Sir C, our 14 year old knight. But, as many of you know, we have been praying and waiting, and waiting and praying for a little knight or princess. We got a call yesterday evening (April 28, 2008), that we will be adding another little knight to our humble castle very soon. Sir E is 17 months old, and he will come to live with us around the end of May. We will be SURE to post LOTS of pictures!

I will be posting our "wish list" for Sir E, so that our friends and family will know what they can buy for him. But mostly, above anything that you can give, we covet your prayers. Please pray that the transition will go smoothly, and that he will be very comfortable with us, and us with him. Sir E is coming to us so that we can adopt him. Please pray that the adoption will go through without a hitch. Please pray that Sir C will be able to be a good big brother, teaching him the ways of Knighthood, in service to The King of Kings. Please pray that the Archer and the Fair Queen (me) will be the parents that The King wants us to be, and that this little knight will know of the love of The King at an early age.

God bless you all,
The Archer, the Fair Queen, and Sir C

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