Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two Great Accomplishments

Sunday, June 8th, Sir C had a jujitsu kata (competition), where he came in 1st place in his division! We are SO proud of him. He has been doing jujitsu for 2 years now, and he has really gotten very strong and learned a lot. We will keep going as long as we can. Here is a picture of Sir C and his jujitsu teacher.

Way to go Sir C!!!!!

We took the guys to the pool on Sunday and Monday. Sir C LOVES the water, even though when we first got married, The Archer had to really teach Sir C how to swim and to love the water and not be afraid of it. Sir E SCREAMED when we put him in the water! He clung to Mommy the whole time. I think I may have little finger sized bruises on the back of my arm! Eventually he calmed down and allowed me to take him further into the water. He still doesn't even like the bathtub, so the pool was definitely intimidating for him.

Here are some photos from our pool time.

Another accomplishment: We knew that Sir E "climbed", but we didn't know that he "CLIMBED"!! On Monday, I had my back turned, and when I turned around, Sir E was sitting in a dining room chair. Did Sir C put him there? No! Did The Archer put him there? NO! How did he get up there??? Well duh! He climbed!! He put one little foot on the rung, and pulled himself up. But he didn't stop there. He sat in that chair just as smug as can be, smiling the whole time, link "Ha! Bet you didn't think that I could do this!". Then, he proceeded to climb on top of the table! I couldn't help but laugh. I wanted to sternly tell him "NO!", that he could hurt himself, but I couldn't. All I could do was laugh and grab the camera. So if Sir E ever finds himself in a bad predicament, he can count on Mommy laughing and grabbing the camera. Oh well. One time, right???

We WILL live through this! My mom did, after all!

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