Monday, July 14, 2008

Grandma & Auntie V Come For a Visit Pt. 3

On Tuesday, The Archer had to get back to work, but I took everyone else to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield. Mom, Sir C, and Princess V went on the factory tour, while I fed Sir E. We had waited in line for about 1/2 an hour, so Sir E wasn't going to be patient while we walked through the tour. I had been before, so I just told them to go. It worked out well.

While we were in Fairfield, it was 105 degrees! HOT HOT HOT!!! I'm so grateful the van had air conditioning!!! When we got back home, it was 109 degrees where we live!!! YIKES!!! Mom and Princess V went to see Sir C's jujitsu class, while Sir E and I stayed home and stayed cool.

We finished off our trip with a visit to Bay Books, a used book store, where Mom was able to pick up some great books, including a yummy looking cheesecake cookbook, that had a photograph for each recipe! I love that kind of cookbook! Then, we went over to an educational shop, where Mom picked up some books for Princess V's homeschooling, and I picked up some books for Sir C to work on this summer, to help him be ready for high school this fall! We got home, and decided it was pool time, so I took Princess V and Sir C to the pool, while Sir E napped, and Mom and The Archer watched a Christian documentary show.

We (The Archer) grilled thick ribeye steaks and made salad, garlic bread and corn. Then for dessert, I made these amazingly sinful Apple Dumplings that I saw on The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Sorry, no picture. They were gone WAY too fast! (Actually, we ate some, and I took the rest to a friend's house for dinner.) (By the way, I used apple quarters instead of eighths.)

It all ended way to quickly for me. I am pretty proud of myself though, because I have NEVER driven in Oakland, and I actually took my Mom and Princess V to the airport! It was a little scary, but I knew The Archer was praying for me, and so was my Mom. I was praying too! WOO HOO! I did it! Yes, I cried at the airport. Yes, I cried on the way home. Yes, I cried after I had gotten home, and had already stopped crying. I miss my family SO much!!!! Especially my mom!!! One thing that my Mom said to me before they walked in to the terminal was "I love you honey, and I'm really proud of you." What a blessing to hear that!!!! I'm so glad she got to see our home and our little family, and I'm glad that she got to spend so much time talking to The Archer, and getting to know him better. I'm so glad she and Princess V got to meet Sir E. They are the first on my side of the family to do so. I'm so glad Sir E took to them so well and so quickly! Mom, I love you so much and I'm so glad you were finally able to come out and visit us. I MISS YOU!!!

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