Monday, August 18, 2008

Such an Accomplishment!!!

Last week, Sir E had an amazing week of accomplishments!!! This is a boy who only eats baby food, who won't touch Cheerios, crackers, that sort of thing. He'll sit forever with something on his tongue because he has texture issues. Well, last Sunday, we all went out and got Slurpees from the local 7-11. I had a Wild Cherry Slurpee, and while I was waiting for The Archer and Sir C to come out of the 2nd 7-11 (they didn't have The Archer's favorite flavor at the first one), I decided to try giving some Slurpee to Sir E. He liked it!!!! He had about 9 bites, and then he decided he was done, but not before Daddy (The Archer) and big brother (Sir C) saw him eating it! Too bad I didn't have the camera for that one!

Ok, now I know that this isn't going to be the best thing for any nutritionists to hear, so if you are one, close your ears or eyes, or whatever. Monday, after Sir C's golf lessons, we got Slurpees again, and then we went to McDonald's for dinner. His lessons are from 6-7, so it's too early to eat before the lessons, and then by the time we get home, I don't feel like cooking dinner. Sorry. So we got our McDonald's dinner, and went home. We set everything out, and I got Sir E's dinner (not McDonald's). We all sat down to eat together, and I thought I'd see how Sir E liked french fries....with ketchup. I squirted a little ketchup on his high chair tray, and gave him a french fry. I showed him how to dip it in the ketchup and eat it. So he dipped the fry in the ketchup and ate the ketchup off of the end of the fry! Again...and again....and again. He continued to do this until a softened bit of french fry came off in his mouth. He did not like that, so that was the end of that. We will be trying that again though!!! And I DID have the camera for that one!

Lastly, on Wednesday evening, I had decided to try something that someone mentioned to me. (Sorry, but I don't remember who gave this advice. I think it was my sister-in-law, or my mother-in-law.) I decided to try giving Sir E a graham cracker, because they had mentioned about how quickly graham crackers will dissolve once they meet up with saliva (well, they didn't exactly put it that way!). We had some chocolate graham crackers in the cupboard, and I thought he'd probably like that, so I gave him a small rectangle of graham cracker. He licked it for awhile, and eventually I was able to talk him into taking a bite. He took a bit of the softened graham cracker, and yes, kept it on his tongue for a bit. When he does this sort of thing, he tends to produce a LOT of drool, so that softened the graham cracker even more. He started to try his "chew, chew, chew" method, and eventually swallowed the graham cracker! He ended up eating the whole little rectangle of graham cracker, biting and licking, and all! WOO HOO!!! We're getting somewhere in all of this. No, I didn't think to grab the camera on this one. But we're finally getting somewhere.

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