Friday, August 29, 2008

Who Couldn't Use $1000 or a Caribbean Cruise???

I know I could! Well, I prefer getting the $1000. We can't take off on a cruise right now, because we are awaiting the finalization of the adoption of our little guy, which probably will happen in early 2009. So the $1000 would come in VERY handy! We could even use it to pay for the adoption fees!

You're probably asking, "where do I enter?".......well, I'm not giving away this prize. I definitely can't afford to do that kind of thing...YET! Metropolitan Mama, in conjunction with Protect-a-Bed, is giving away this fabulous prize! You can read more about it at Metropolitan Mama's blog. Protect-a-Bed mattress covers would come in very handy in our home. We use those Huggies nighttime diapers, but occasionally, the little one will SOAK his sheet, blankets, and mattress pad in his crib. We'd love to get on board with Protect-a-Bed, and get one of their mattress covers.

You MUST hurry, because this giveaway expires on September 1st! Sorry, but I JUST heard about it today, otherwise I would've let you know sooner.

Have fun!


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