Friday, May 9, 2008

Sir C Met His Little Brother Yesterday

Yesterday was Sir C's first time to meet Sir E. The visit went really well. When we first got there, I sat down on the floor, as did The Archer and Sir C. Sir E seemed to recognize and remember us. It wasn't long until Sir E had come over to me and laid his head on my shoulder and snuggled up to me. If that doesn't get to a mommy's heart, I don't know what does!

It wasn't long before Sir E warmed up to Sir C. He just loves to climb all over us and just lie down and be close to us. How amazing is this after just one visit!
Sir E played with The Archer too. He thought it was fun to touch The Archer's beard. We took so many pictures and also took video, which we hope to upload here soon, if I can figure it out.
I got to feed Sir E his lunch, and change his diaper. Sir C laid down and played with Sir E. Look at how Sir E looks at Sir C. Isn't it sweet?

Here are some more pictures from our visit yesterday:

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