Monday, May 12, 2008

Sir E Comes to the Castle for a Visit

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and we were delighted to be able to bring Sir E to our little castle. We let him run around and explore, and learn some boundaries. He wanted to touch and see everything. He loved the ceiling fan in our dining area. He kept wanting to touch the movies we have on the shelves of the entertainment center, and we would tell him no. So then he would move to touching the DVD and VCR players, and we would tell him no. So he decided to test us by knocking on the entertainment center, in between the movies and the players. It was kind of like he was saying "Can I touch this? Let's see how much I can get away with.". He'll learn, and he will feel safe.

We knew that Sir E would need to take a nap while in our little castle. We knew that putting him down like we would a child we babysit, would not work. The pack and play and the bedroom were just all too new. So we put on a Praise Baby DVD, and I held him while sitting in The Archer's "comfy chair" (the recliner). He started to relax a little, but was still in full upright position. Then, as I sang to him the songs that were being played on the TV, he would look at my mouth, and then look at the TV, and look at my mouth, and at the TV. He seemed to be fascinated. I know that The Archer was praying, and so was I, that Sir E would be able to relax enough to fall asleep. Gradually he allowed me to position him to where he was leaning against me. Then we turned down the volume on the tv, and he laid there in my arms and relaxed some more. I rubbed his face gently, and I could feel his breathing even out more, even to the point of a gentle snore, even though he was still wide-eyed. Eventually, after about 45 minutes, he was able to fall asleep in my arms. He was twitching a bit, so I think he wasn't totally relaxed, but he slept, and stayed asleep in my arms, or lying on my chest and tummy for about and hour and 15 minutes. The Archer was able to capture this time in a photo. I'm not thrilled with how I look in the photo, but I sure do love how Sir E was snuggled up and cozy, as we napped together.

We were to have dinner over at our friends' house that evening, so we took Sir E with us. We realized that it was a little overwhelming for him, because they have 3 young boys (one who is Sir E's age), and because it was a new place again. So The Archer and I took him back to his foster mom, while Sir C stayed at our friends' house and played. Sir E did SO well, considering he had a LONG, new day. He was pretty fussy at the end, but it's definitely to be expected. I would be fussy too! But it was a good learning experience for The Archer and I. We know that the transition is not going to be an easy one, so we ask for your prayers that Sir E will be able to transition into our home without too much fear and anxiety. Thank you so much for all of your prayers! We appreciate and love you!

The Archer, the Fair Queen, and the Two Knights

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