Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We met Sir E today!

We finally got to go meet Sir E today! You wouldn't believe how nervous The Archer and I were! It felt so weird, to think that we were going to meet our son. We had gone to a really cool toy store in a neighboring town, called Games Unlimited. They had SUCH cool toys and games! I think we'll be back when we want to get some great family toys and games. We actually ended up buying a toy figure for Sir C, because he is into knights and archers, and things like that. So we bought him an archer.

We got Sir E a really fun little Fisher Price Musical Zoo Train, as well as a gorgeous (if a stuffed animal can be called gorgeous) plush giraffe that is about 18 inches tall. We're saving the giraffe for when Sir E comes to stay.

So we met our caseworker over at the foster mom's house. She was SO excited for us! She has been wanting this just as much as we have. It was kind of funny, because she had written down the wrong address, just transposing the numbers a tad. We knocked on the door of this house where an older gentleman answered the door...I think he could easily be called an old codger. He said, "Well, what can I do for you?" Our caseworker said "We're looking for "P"....(the foster mom)". He said "Do I LOOK like "P"?" It was all rather amusing, and it really helped to ease our nervousness a bit.

Well, we finally ended up at the correct house, after a short phone call to "P". Two precious little boys answered the door with was "J" and one was Sir E. Immediately, I knew that I had HELD Sir E before!!!!! I had met this foster mom at the place where Sir C goes for PT/OT! Believe it or not, I had met her last summer, and had actually spoken with her about her role as a foster mom. I had asked if I could hold the baby, and asked what the story behind him was. She wasn't allowed to say much, but she gave me a tiny background. And it all came back to me as I thought about this little boy, before we met him! God knew the WHOLE time!!! Isn't that amazing???

Anyway, we took 78 pictures while we were there! Not all of them were great, because Sir E kept wanting to grab the camera, or he was just on the go all the time, and the camera captured his actions a little too late. But we did get some really good photos. Here are a few of them:

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